UgandaEMR+ FAQs

What is UgandaEMR+?

UgandaEMR+ is an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system designed to streamline patient management, clinical documentation, and reporting within healthcare facilities. Built on the foundation of OpenMRS, UgandaEMR+ offers a customizable platform tailored to the needs of healthcare providers in resource-constrained settings.

How much does UgandaEMR+ cost?

UgandaEMR+ is an open-source program available free of charge. All core resources and functionalities are open source, ensuring accessibility and affordability for healthcare facilities of all sizes.

Who is UgandaEMR+ for?

UgandaEMR+ is designed for healthcare organizations and facilities that require an efficient and scalable solution for managing patient data. It caters to a diverse range of users, including clinicians, administrators, and data managers, empowering them to deliver quality care and improve health outcomes.

Where is UgandaEMR+ being used?

UgandaEMR+ is currently deployed in over 1,900 healthcare facilities across Uganda, spanning regional referral hospitals, general hospitals, health centers, and private clinics. Additionally, ongoing implementations are underway to expand its reach and impact in other regions and countries.